History of Sex Toys

There have been many phallus-shaped objects discovered at digs which have led paleontologists to contemplate on the reasons why such objects were made – they could be religious or used for pleasure. While the debate on the use of the artifact rages on, more recent mythology and literature – featuring the Greeks and Romans – has written passages on women talking about their sex toys with each other while withholding intercourse with their partners.

The Greeks and Romans believed that women who had sperm in them (which had to come from a human penis of course) were the ones who were hysterical (or crazy). So, the men of the age encouraged the use of dildos. These artificial phallus-shaped objects had no sperm and therefore removing the risk of hysteria for the women of the time. There are a lot of instances of the use of sex toys for women which all focused on one thing – avoiding female hysteria

that was caused by sperm entering a woman’s body. For some reason, everyone seemed to believe that the only use for sperm was to create another human being and nothing else. So, the creation of fake penises served this agenda perfectly. Sex toy history is peppered with anecdotes that range from believable to outright bizarre and wholly unbelievable – whatever it is, there is no denying that human beings have a long and very interesting relationship with sex.

Modern Sex Toys

As time has gone by, human beings have become a lot more advanced with sex toys – discovering new materials like Silicone which can handle some wear and tear. Making sex toys and incorporating all kinds of sexual needs has flourished into a multi-million dollar industry with people from the most unexpected corners of the world participating in keeping it going. Everyone has their own perceptions of what’s right and what’s wrong and the same logic applies to sex toys as well. However, the internet has normalized so much for so many people that it has become difficult to place a limit. Especially on information. These days sex toys have moved from being something you had no access to, into something you can buy on Amazon!

Sex Toys Online

Buying sex toys can be difficult or easy – depending on what your own personal opinion of sex toys is. Let’s take a look at some simple things to take care of while buying sex toys

i. Let go of your inhibitions

ii. Figure out what you need it for

iii. Find a store you are comfortable with

iv. Buy!

If you plan to go to a brick and mortar establishment, then, the best thing to do is to find a shop whose vibe you are comfortable around. If it is all a little too fetish-y or porn-like, then, skip it and find another shop. There is no point in forcing yourself to shop in a space that simply doesn’t appeal to you. Since everything is available online, your best bet is to simply go online and pick anything that tickles your fancy. It’s that simple. A sex toy is just about the most intimate thing you could buy with your money, and there is no point in being shy about it. Log on to an online retailer and search for what you want to buy. You can also spend some time doing your research on what toys are available online and where you can buy from before clicking on buy!

Lots of couples also combine the use of sex toys with sexual enhancement supplements. Some of the best natural sex pills contain potent herbs to increase libido and sexual pleasure. For men you can buy supplements that make erections bigger and stronger. The best male enhancement pills have been proven to work and come with money back guarantees.